Best Paint by Number Generators | UPDATED 2024 | A Complete Guide

Just like adult coloring books over the past years, painting by numbers is another massive trend that’s just started gaining notoriety. To some people, it was nothing but a hobby during quarantine months. To many others, it progressed into an enjoyable craft.


A paint by number generator will allow you to turn your actual pictures into paint by number paintings. Rather than doing random images, you can do pictures of your family, pet, or favorite destinations. With these thoughts in mind, here's everything you need to know about this idea.



Best Paint by Number Generators – A Complete Guide

If you’ve ever tried to paint a picture based on a photo, you probably know already how difficult it is to match the colors. A paint by number generator will give you a hand by easing the process and allowing better planning.


Turning photos into numbered paintings will provide unique results. Each project is unique and more importantly, you can paint whatever you feel like. Stick to the numbers and your painting will slowly start taking on the appearance of your original photo, simple as that.

Furthermore, you can use anything, from oil paints to gel pens, whatever you find suitable for your style.




PBNify Review

PBNify is by far the simplest paint numbers generator. It uses the classic drag and drop mechanism and everything’s done online. The source code is available as well, so it’s all transparent. Everything can be done through the main page.


It’s free, but it may have slight bugs. If you can’t convert a photo, simply look in the FAQ section. You may need to try a different browser. You'll be able to upload your photo, choose a color palette, and get the template within a few minutes.

PBNify Review


Overall, it’s straightforward and intuitive, especially for personal uses. More sophisticated pictures may take longer, but generally, there should be no issues. It works well with most images and it does a fairly quick job, without having to download anything.


On a negative note, since it’s available online, you can’t use it offline.


PBNify vs. STOIK

STOIK is another popular paint by number generator. It does pretty much what PBNify does, but with a few extras. However, while more advanced, it comes with a price. The good news is there’s a free trial to try out. You can also use it offline, since it’s a software you’ll have to download and install.


Operating principles are identical. STOIK will also allow you to upload your image, choose the color palette, and wait for the paint numbers generator to get the job done. As for extras, you can get pictures directly from your camera or scanner.


Other than that, you’ll be able to print the image with a color key. It helps identifying the acrylics you plan to use. This second extra is quite useful, but then again, if you’re doing it for a hobby, it’s not something impressive. It also offers customer support, which is normal, considering you have to pay for it.

Paintillio vs. PNBify

Paintillio could be the most advanced paint by number generator, probably more suitable for avid painters, as well as small businesses. It's not a budget friendly option though, but once your picture is done, you'll get it printed on a canvas, framed, and sent to you, with paintbrushes and acrylics included.


You can have a small painting or a massive one, up to 150 square feet. The problem is you won’t be able to paint straight away. Turnaround times take around a couple of weeks, while the premium for such a service may skyrocket with a big size or an emergency order.


Paintillio is not the average paint by number generator for someone who likes painting. However, it makes a good choice for a painter if you want to surprise them with a beautiful gift. It will cost you a lot and it may take a bit of time, but it’s worth it as a classic one-off surprise.

Custom Paint By Number Generator

How about an Android/iOS paint by number generator?

iOS/Android Paint by Numbers Creator can be used as a mobile application. Indeed, PBNify can be used on any platform, including mobile phones, as long as there’s a browser. This software, on the other hand, must be installed on the mobile device.


Like other apps, this custom paint numbers generator is quite convenient. Users can also tweak the parameters associated with the pictures, such as how many colors they want to use. It’s well packed with features, but it’s a bit finicky to use on a small screen.


The panel for parameters is probably its strongest feature, as it can be edited even after the actual conversion. It’s not excellent when it comes to sophisticated and well detailed pictures and it doesn’t come for free either.


You can probably find more software to convert photos into coloring and painting designs. Some of them are free, others will cost a premium. Some of the premium ones will cost as much as a takeaway coffee, others may cost more than your yearly home insurance.


At the end of the day, it depends on the quality you're after, size, and images.


There are various software programs you'll have to download and install, as well as apps for mobile devices. PBNify is somewhere in the middle, being accessible through a browser with an Internet connection, meaning you can use it on computers, laptops, and mobile devices.


Most importantly, it’s free and despite having a few bugs here and there, it’s totally usable for personal projects.

Best Paint By Number  Generators


Working with Custom Paint by Number Generators

Working with a custom paint numbers generator is fairly simple and intuitive. Most programs or applications work on the same principles. You'll have to upload your photo, tweak a few settings, and choose the color palette, then you'll get your result within a few minutes.


Obviously, some services go further than that. While you’ll normally have to print your own images, some services may even do the printing and shipping, yet you’ll obviously have to pay more for such a service. Most people choose to print the generated images themselves.


Avid painters can use both free and premium custom paint numbers generators. Business uses may require a more professional approach, at least in terms of quality. Business uses could also do with more advanced printers and perhaps some image editing software too.


Using a paint by number generator will give access to one-of-a-kind paintings.


The color palette can vary widely and users are encouraged to pick something that's representative of the respective photo, yet an unusual approach is also a good idea for a painting to stand out.


Based on the palette, you can start painting certain parts of the photo that correspond to the chosen numbers. The photo will look like a classic coloring book for adults at first, all white and featuring nothing but lines and frames. As you keep coloring, it will slowly embrace the original photo appearance.


As for what you can use, different painters rely on different tools. Oil paints are ideal for such projects and provide a sense of freedom and art. Besides, they dry very fast. However, it’s not a general rule, as modern acrylic pens can also be used for certain projects.


Most enthusiasts rely on different kits of tools for their projects, so feel free to experiment.


As for sizes, you can get anything between a small page and an impressive mural style design.


How Paint by Number Software Work?

Every paint by number generator out there relies on a different technique to convert photo into paint, yet the final result is usually similar, with various differences in sizes or sharpness. Such tools can complete the conversion within a few minutes only.


Obviously, there are differences when it comes to the actual representation, which normally depends on how intricate the original image is.


There are usually two requirements from the user. First, you’ll need to upload the image you want converted. Second, you’ll have to choose the representative color palette for it, which usually implies clicking on a few areas on it, only to help the software identify the main colors.


Some programs are available directly online over their official websites. Some others are designed for particular platforms, such as computers or mobile devices. A web based paint numbers generator is more accessible because it can be used on any device. After all, you only need a browser.


Finally, there are also some sophisticated tools that will take the image and have an expert turn it into a custom canvas or vinyl design before shipping it over to you. They usually take a few weeks, not to mention the price tag.


Final words

Choosing the right paint by number generator depends solely on personal necessities. It’s worth experimenting and trying a few different tools, but like for anything else, start with the free ones, as they may actually provide the quality you need.


To most people, this is nothing but a creative art hobby, so they’re likely to use generators to paint images they love, landscapes or portraits. But at the same time, it’s also worth challenging yourself every now and then with more intricate designs.

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