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Welcome to Paint by Canvas, where creativity meets simplicity, and every memory is a masterpiece waiting to be painted! I'm Niila, the founder of this vibrant online store, and I'd like to share our story with you.

Introducing Niila: The Visionary Founder

Picture this: a 35-year-old Finnish entrepreneur, diving headfirst into the ever-evolving realm of online business, setting out on a journey destined to redefine the way we capture and cherish our dearest moments. I'm Niila, and I've been at the helm of online ventures for more than a decade. Four years ago, I waved goodbye to the frosty landscapes of Finland, eager to embrace new horizons and embark on fresh adventures.


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My family heritage is steeped in artistry, with my father masterfully sculpting wood, my sister crafting exquisite interior fabrics, and my brother wielding a remarkable talent for drawing. Meanwhile, my own artistic inclinations gravitate toward the captivating realms of sports, hiking, and travel. Yet, despite this creative environment, I often found myself lost in a world of bewilderment when attempting to translate thoughts onto paper—or more aptly, brush strokes onto canvas. It was always embarrassing for me when a situation arose that required artistic prowess.

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The "Aha" Moment: A Revelation Through Coloring

But then, a revelation dawned upon me a few years back as I sat coloring with my goddaughter. It became clear that all I required were lucid instructions and well-defined outlines to transform my scribbles into something truly spectacular.

This aha moment led to the birth of Paint by Canvas in 2021. I envisioned a world where adults could create their own coloring book, where memories and moments could be immortalized on canvas. This couldn't be achieved with traditional colored pencils; it had to be through painting, which added an artistic flair to the process.

A month later, our production was in full swing, and our first test paintings were breathtaking. I couldn't believe I had painted something so real-looking myself. And so, we had the solution—a product that would allow anyone, regardless of their artistic prowess, to create a stunning painting from a cherished memory.

Fueling the Passion: A Personal Struggle Turned Mission

This product is deeply personal to me, as it emerged from a lifelong challenge I grappled with—the absence of innate artistic talent. Drawing inspiration from my extensive experience in managing online businesses, I embarked on a mission to democratize the world of art. It was my own struggle with artistic expression that fueled my determination to make this creative process accessible to all.

Today, we bring your cherished memories to life with Customized Paint by Number Kits, crafting over 100 personalized masterpieces from customer pictures every day. Behind the scenes, our tight-knit team of seven individuals, including a group of top designers, ensures an unforgettable customer experience. With their artistic expertise, they're dedicated to transforming your precious moments into stylish Paint by Number canvases, ready for you to bring to life.


The Beloved Product: Transforming Memories into Art

Throughout our journey, our most beloved product has been the 20x28in (50x70cm) canvas with 36 colors. It's where pets, family photos, and wedding memories come to life, one stroke at a time. Most of the products are delivered to the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, our packages can be shipped anywhere in the world.

So, whether you're an art virtuoso or a stick figure specialist like me, Paint by Canvas invites you to embark on a creative adventure. Capture your memories, share your stories, and turn them into stunning works of art with our Custom Paint by Numbers Kits. With reliability, quality, and impeccable customer service as our guiding stars, we're here to make your painting journey as uncomplicated as it is unforgettable. We believe in the power of creativity, and we're dedicated to helping you bring your memories to life through the joy of painting.

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